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Serious Inquiries Only:

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FYI for New Potential Clients:

  1. We do not casually discuss nor quote projects over the phone or email. Instead, we schedule a potentially refundable U.S. Dollar (USD) $200 Intial Project Assessment and Introduction Meeting at Metaform to sign any non-disclosure agreement (NDA), carefully review the project, then educate and advise clients. If we determine there's a fit, we will draft a proposal; if not, we may offer referrals to others who may be able to help. The USD $200 fee is FULLY REFUNDED if we are eventually awarded the project.                                                                  

  2. Most projects we take on require at least a USD 5 figure budget. Although we consult on individual phases and may perform specfic tasks à la carte for less, full process industrial design (ID) projects from initial concepts to final design deliverables usually require at least a 5 figure development budget.                                                           

  3. The vast majority of our projects are performed on a straight time and materials / expenses basis based on professional hourly rates. We have, on occasion, used hybrid engagements adjusting our typical fees for an equity position and / or royalty. Fees, equity, and royalty are the three 'knobs' we may elect to turn for promising, vetted ventures. For practical reasons, we will always require some form of an upfront payment component to start any project whether it be an initial deposit or, in royalty cases, possibly a negotiated non-refundable advance on future royalties.

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Initial Project Assessment Meeting for New Projects: 

Because product development is an extremely involved endeavor requiring careful thought and planning, we do not casually discuss projects or provide quotations over the phone or email. Instead, we hold an Initial Project Assessment and Introduction Meeting at Metaform’s studio in San Francisco where we take the time to properly review new projects and gain an in-depth understanding of the client's goals and particular situation. For new clients, we also feel it's important to introduce our process and show examples of past projects and typical deliverables.


For our time and expertise, we charge a reasonable, potentially refundable cash USD $200 initial meeting fee if the meeting is held at Metaform. This fee is FULLY REFUNDED and credited to the final balance invoice if we are eventually awarded the bid. Meetings requiring travel outside San Francisco may incur an additional non-refundable travel fee.


The first part of the meeting is devoted to discussing and reviewing the project and gathering enough information to formulate a bespoke development plan proposal. The second half of the meeting is dedicated to familiarizing clients with the typical phases and deliverables seen in the design development process. We’ll introduce our process and capabilities using real case studies as examples so clients get a sense of what we do, how we do it, and how past clients have benefitted as a result. This also helps new clients make sense of any proposal quotation we may eventually produce. By the end of the meeting new clients will possess a better understanding of what it takes, what the deliverables look like, what they're for and why they’re needed.


If we determine we’re a fit for the project, we will provide a detailed proposal about a week after the meeting. If not, we may offer to refer clients to other resources we believe are better suited and thus save them considerable time and legwork.


Most new clients find our initial meetings extremely worthwhile.


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