Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you quote projects over the phone or email?


No, we do not casually discuss nor quote projects over the phone or via email. Product design and development of physical hardware is an extremely involved endeavor that deserves proper assessment and careful consideration. That's why we usually start the dialogue by scheduling a potentially refundable U.S. Dollar (USD) $200* Intial Project Assessment and Introduction Meeting at Metaform. There, we sign any non-disclosure agreement (NDA), carefully review the project, then educate and advise clients in a specific and bespoke manner.


If we determine there's a fit, we will draft a proposal; if not, we may offer referrals to others who may be able to help. The USD $200 fee is FULLY REFUNDED if we are eventually awarded the project.  ​

*If we need to travel to your location for meeting(s) there may be an additional, non-refundable travel fee and coverage of trip expenses which is assessed and quoted based on the destination.

To get started, please email us to set up a meeting appointment:

To book a phone consultation instead (no over-the-phone project quoting):

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2. What can I expect in terms of fees?


Most projects we take on require at least a USD 5 figure budget. Although we also provide consulting services on individual phases and may perform specfic tasks à la carte for less, full process industrial design (ID) projects from initial concepts to final design deliverables usually require at least a USD 5 figure development budget.                                                           

3. How do you charge for your services?


The vast majority of our projects are performed on a straight time and materials / expenses basis based on professional hourly rate(s) of the anticipated team member(s).


We have, on rare occasion, used hybrid engagements adjusting our typical fees for an equity position and / or royalty. Fees, equity, and royalty are the three 'knobs' we may elect to turn for promising, vetted ventures.


For practical reasons, we will always require some form of an upfront payment component to start any project whether it be an initial deposit or, in royalty cases, possibly a negotiated non-refundable advance on future royalties.

4. Can I pick your brain or get advice on topics related to industrial design and product development?


Book a phone consultation with seasoned industrial designer David Shaw: 

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