Featured Projects


LUMINNO™ GlowaSwitch™ | Released 2016


LUMINNO GlowaSwitch is a glow-in-the-dark insulating light switch plate that makes locating light switches in the dark effortless. It requires no electricity, no wiring, automatically charges when exposed to natural or artificial light, and emits a lasting glow when dark. 


Glow performance, energy efficiency, and safety are optimized via a reflective white fire retardant foam gasket behind the switch plate that seals the switch receptacle from air draft and also reflects light traveling through the transluscent plate back outwards and into the plate; further charging it from behind. The unique convex design facilitates omnidirectional visibility from all angles across a room.


GlowaSwitch represents a long overdue improvement to the common century-old switch plate.


Co-inventors + Designers: David Shaw + Jane Shaw

Awards: 1st Place Gold IDA International Design Award, United States Utility + Design Patents


Firetide HotPoint Mesh Router | 2003

Firetide HotPoint wireless mesh routers enable deployment of instant wireless networks and wi-fi hot zones. They eliminate the need for expensive wiring in large scale installations such as airports, campuses, and convention centers.


The enclosure's design details all serve a function. A simple steel wire attaches to the rear vents to allow it to stand or hook on to partitions. The unit hangs on walls and ceilings and stacks without obstructing airflow or visibility of the LED readout. A sloping lava tide form was the inspirational metaphor for this then Hawaii-based start-up.


The conceptual design was instrumental in helping Firetide secure millions of dollars in venture capital funding by putting the best face on the technology to media and judges at the DemoMobile Conference. 


Client: Firetide

Award: 2003 DemoMobile DemoGod


BACtrack B70 Breathalyzer| 2004

The BACtrack Breathalyzer is a compact device that tracks blood alcohol content (BAC). It features a revolutionary internal dual flow tube that steadies airflow and allows sanitary testing without physical contact or mouthpieces. Flashing light rings visually prompt users on where, when, and how long to blow.


Invented by Metaform Product Development, the concept was eventually licensed to KHN Solutions for manufacture and distribution worldwide under the BACtrack brand name. According to the licensee, it soon became the top 3 selling breathalyzer on Amazon.com.


Client + Licensee: BACtrack

Inventor + Designer: David Shaw

Recognition: 2008 Inc. Magazine's 7 New Technology Marvels, 2008 Inc. 5000


Sun Ray 270 Virtual Display Client | 2004

The Sun Ray 270 is an eco-friendly network computing device that eliminates the need for local administration and provides secure portable computing sessions. The device allows users to access their computing sessions with a smartcard. A low hinge is aligned with the card slot to counteract card insertion force. Unlike other all-in-one computers, the screen detaches and mounts to standard VESA monitor arms for space savings. The Sun Ray 270 features side mounted I/O ports that are unobstructed and easy to access. A simple rubber band cable manager retains varying sizes and number of cables in a ponytail. By coincidence, then Sun Microsystems’ CEO also sported a ponytail too!


Client: Sun Microsystems

Designer: David Shaw + Sun Microsystems UCD

Awards: 2007 CES Innovations/Eco-Design, 2006 Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award


Waldo Home Health Monitor | 2009

The Waldo Health Home Monitor is a versatile, revolutionary telemedicine device that helps the elderly or those with chronic diseases manage their healthcare from home. Waldo Health features a simple touch screen interface, has built-in teleconferencing, collects data from other health monitoring devices, and provides instant transfer of vital health information to remote care providers.


The Waldo Home Health Monitor's industrial design played an instrumental role in the startup company's early success.  Waldo Health received US$1.6 million dollars of a planned US $4.7 million financing and won IBM SmartCamp Austin People Vote Award honors soon after its release.


Client: Waldo Networks

Designer: David Shaw

Award: 2011 IBM SmartCamp Austin People's Vote Award


Star Wars MicroMachines | 1994 - 2000

Star Wars MicroMachines and ActionFleet toys were part of the largest toy licensing deal in industry history. These are a few examples of toy adaptations based on the Lucasfilm Star Wars movies. Specifying features and recreating scenes mechanically in plastic while adhering to safety and licensing requirements were the key design challenges.


​Galoob Toy's Star Wars MicroMachines Action Fleet product line remains one of the most highly prized Star Wars collectibles.


Client: Hasbro, Galoob Toys + Lucasfilm Licensing

Awards: Golden Toy Awards + Action Toy of the Year Awards


Star Wars Episode I Toys | 1994 - 2000

Star Wars MicroMachines and ActionFleet toys were part of the largest toy licensing deal in industry history. These are a few examples of toy adaptations based on the Lucasfilm Star Wars movies. Specifying features and recreating scenes mechanically in plastic while adhering to safety and licensing requirements were the key design challenges.


​Galoob Toy's Star Wars MicroMachines Action Fleet product line remains one of the most highly prized Star Wars collectibles.


Client: Hasbro, Galoob Toys + Lucasfilm Licensing

Awards: Golden Toy Awards + Action Toy of the Year Awards


AND NFC Activity Monitor + Cradle   | 2012

The AND NFC Activity Monitor is a self-quanitification fitness tracker that utilizes Near FIeld Communication (NFC) technology to allow easy touch synchonization of data from the tracker to a docking and battery recharging cradle.  


Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smart portable devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them.


While docked with the cradle, the activity monitor also becomes a tabletop digital alarm clock.


Quality materials and carefully considered finishes contribute to the sleek, polished, high-end look and feel.


Client: w/BogdanCo for AND


VCR Co-Pilot| 1998

The VCR Co-Pilot is a user-friendly device that uses analog dials and linear slide switches that mimmic the familiar clock face and week calendar to help people quickly and easily program any VCR to record TV shows. It does away with slow and confusing on-screen menu interfaces. Hourglass and signal wave details are metaphors for this timer that sends universal program codes.


Over 1 million units of the VCR Co-Pilot were sold worldwide and it earned a BusinessWeek Magazine IDEA Award for design excellence.


Client + Licensee: Joseph Enterprises

Award: 1999 BusinessWeek IDEA Industrial Design Excellence Award


Electronic Printer Abacus Concept | 1990

The Electronic Printer Abacus explores the merging of generations, cultures, and technologies.  The concept combines the ancient abacus interface with modern electronics to display and print a tally.

The Electronic Printer Abacus concept pays homage to a timeless example of good design, the ancient abacus, which is still in use today.  A curved layout guides the user in viewing all interface zones with one sweep of the eye.  An ocean wave metaphor flows from a handcrafted feel on the right to a rigid, geometric, machine aesthetic on the left symbolizing the transition between old and new, East and West, man and machine.


Designer: David Shaw

Awards: 1991 ID Magazine Annual Design Review, International Designer's Choice Mark


Gymtek Gymnastics Vaulting System | 1992

The Gymtek Gymnastics Vaulting System is a spring board that uses repelling magnets instead of physical coil springs. The concept utilizes magnetic repulsion and electromagnets to replace cumbersome springs.


Standing on a weight scale before the exercise allows it to adjust tension to a gymnast’s weight. Sweet spot preferences can also be programmed. By changing polarity, the board even closes flat for storage without fasteners as the top attracts the iron cores of the deactivated magnets below. A pull-out tape measure helps board placement in relation to the vaulting horse. Cantilevered wheels facilitate transport. A leapfrog metaphor served as inspiration for this jumping apparatus


Sponsor: United States Olympic Committee

Inventor + Designer: David Shaw

Award: 1992 United States Olympic Committee Sports Equiipment Technology Committee (USOC SETC) Sport Equipment Design Award


Nova Analog Clock Series | 1998

Nova Alarm Clocks exemplify how design can create a diverse product line based on essentially the same internal components. The tabletop clocks feature accessible alarm switches and are outfitted with flashing, electro-luminescent dial faces that are synchronized with a crescendo audible alarm.


Client: Nova, Tong Fang Watch Company (ODM)

Exhibition: BaselWorld Switzerland


Great Fount Air Pot Series | 2001


The GF Thermal Air Pot Series were design studies for high-end commercial beverage dispensers designed specifically for public food service applications. The designs were the culmination of several months of field research and features many unique innovations from a highly visible and more efficient pedal pump button to dedicated magnetic label bib, spout aligning rotating coaster base, lockable tamper-proof lid just to name a few.


Client + Licensee: Great Fount


Teckon Drive Enclosures | 2004

The HDD/ODD Drive Enclosures shown are part of a joint development partnership between Metaform and Teckon of Taiwan.


From improved visual appeal to novel and useful features such as media storage, add-on accessories, or mounting; thoughtful design detailing in these hard drive and optical drive enclosures add enormous value and differentiation to an otherwise commoditized OEM product space.


Client + Licensee: Teckon Industrial Corporation

Designer: David Shaw


Honeycombers HC-1 Console | 2014

Honeycombers HC-1 is a compact, transportable head lice treatment system designed for chemical-free vacuum combing treatments both in salon and outcall to a patient's home.


The console is designed with a simple touchscreen interface, castors for easy positioning, grab handles for loading and unloading in and out of cars. Changing filters is a quick 2-step process. Soft, rounded corners make for a friendly yet professional appearance.


Semi-reflective silver and white color scheme allows the unit to blend in with any decor and environment. Smooth surfaces and minimal crevices facilitate sanitary, wipe-down cleaning. Additive manufacturing bezel with sheet metal cabinet construction allow for flexibility in scaling production volume, as-needed.


Client: Honeycombers

Designer: David Shaw

Engineering: BogdanCo



Credence One| 2012

Credence One elegantly combines finger, face, and Smart Card capabilities on the Android operating system. Its compact design and state of the art mobile chipset empowers multiple identity-based solutions.


Credence One features 3 sensors: a completely integrated smart card reader system, facial recognition high resolution auto-focusing 5 MP camera, and a capacitive fingerprint sensor.


Credence One features a 4-inch full touch screen, numerous connectivity options including dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and 3G cellular, and a built in GPS for geolocation, time stamping and other location services.


Client: w/BogdanCo for Credence ID

Designers: David Shaw + Kurin Tu



Fetch RTLS Real-Time Location System | 2010

The Fetch™ RTLS consists of a Hybrid RF + Ultrasound Locator mounted to walls, ceilings, or poles and an Asset Tag attached to objects or people. It tracks assets, provides enterprise asset visibility, manages inventory, enhances facility and personnel safety, and optimizes operational workflow in places like hospitals and warehouses. It's accurate to within 18", easy to deploy, service, and clean.


Client: TempSys


CheckPoint G4 Wireless Monitor System | 2010

The CheckPoint™ G4 Wireless Monitor System is a versatile temperature and vital parameters monitoring solution that can be configured to track temperature, humidity, CO2, Oxygen, differential pressure, horizontal motion, binary (dry contact), and other customized applications. A leading use of the technology is the monitoring of refrigerators in pharmaceutical, food, or bioscience facilities.


TempSys CheckPoint was acquired by MesaLabs for US$9.5 million dollars shortly after the product's release.


Client: TempSys


Femtosec Laser | 1996

The Femtosec Laser is a high-end, precision scientific femtosecond laser used for scientific research and experimentation. Most lasers are housed in bulky, unattractive cases. Femtosec's space-efficient design houses an internal optics bench, where all optics and lasers are mounted, in an elegant form factor.


​Client: Alto Design Group for Continuum

Designer: David Shaw (ID Contractor)


Abbott Metabolic Gas Exchange Monitor | 1996

The Abbott MGEM is a medical Metabolic Gas Exchange Monitor used in critical care situations to monitor the oxygen intake of a patient. The system is made up of two separate units consisting of the Patient Module and the Control Module. A simple, non-threatening design fits within the clinical environment.


Client: Alto Design Group for Abbott Laboratories

Designer: David Shaw


Sun Microsystems Kenari 24 inch LCD Monitor

The Sun Kenari 24.1-in. LCD Monitor features a low cost, disc-shaped metal adaptor plate that mates a leveraged OEM LCD with Sun's proprietary bipedal, dual-hinged, keyboard parkable, die-cast metal monitor stand. CNC bent wire clips hook into existing vents to add cable management functionality without tooling.


Client: Sun Microsystems

Designers: Mark Stanton (Sun UCD) + David Shaw


Sun Microsystems Banyan 24 LCD Monitor

For Sun's Banyan 24-in. LCD program, Metaform explored ideas that leverage existing OEM LCD cabinets.  We combined high-end panels, custom stand housings, improved cable management, color, and branding treatments that convey a quality brand identity befitting Sun's Alloy Design Language while minimizing cost. 


Client: Sun Microsystems


Photoniq | 1998

The Photoniq Photocoagulator is an ophthalmic laser used to cauterize blood vessels during eye surgery. Rearranging components vertically resulted in a small footprint and a distinctive, deceptively thin form factor. Use of a touch screen allows custom interfaces and makes it easy to clean in the clinical environment.


Client: Photoniq

Designer: David Shaw


Denco ATX Computer Case Bezels | 2002

The Silicon Valley ATX computer case bezel is an OEM front panel featuring a sophisticated silver fascia with a distinctive V-shaped "Silicon Valley" detail that makes the nestled reset button difficult to activate by accident. An ergonomic, upward angled power switch is framed by an easy to find blue LED border.


Client: Sanmina-SCI Enclosure Systems / Denco International


Niveus Media Server 3U | 2012

The Niveus Media Server is a built on a rack mounted 3U chassis.


The industrial design had to take into account ventilation and easy access to thumb screws, hence the cut outs at the ends to expose the tooless screw knurled screw heads.


The two handles or "ears" at each end to pull the chassis were seamlessly integrated into the extruded, chamfered, brushed metal  form of the bezel to give the product a clean, professional aeshtetic befitting the enterpise class video streaming market it's intended for. LED light pipes were designed to evenly light the company logo as well as the large status indicator bar.



Client: w/BogdanCo for Niveus

Designers: David Shaw + Kurin Tu



Flextool Concept | 1991

FlexTool is a versatile power tool concept intended for intricate craft applications. The motor unit can be hung or placed on a table top and is linked to a hand-piece via a flexible drive shaft. The hand-piece accepts a variety of bits. Adjustable "Ergo-fins" reduce fatigue while providing greater control and user comfort.


Designer: David Shaw


Aliens Action Fleet | 1996

Aliens Action Fleet toys are miniature vehichle toys adapted from 20th Century Fox's Aliens film. Features were all based on scenes from the movie and faithfully recreated mechanically in plastic effectively giving these vehicle toys playset-like play value.


Client: Lewis Galoob Toys + 20th Century Fox


MicroMachines Transforming Playsets   | 1997

Micomachines Transforming Playsets were part of a line of  character theme-based busts that open to reveal a related scene and action game. The concept can be applied to an almost endless array of themes and even licensed motion picture characters.


The Tank Commander Transforming Playset example shown becomes a battlefield where 2 opponents try to be the first to aim and fire their tanks. Mechanical links simulate direct hits and explosions. 


The Submarine Commander Transforming Playset is a bust of a sub commander where the head opens to reveal a deep sea battle scene. Pulling the steering wheel rotates a lurking underwater submarine. If the sub survives two randomly spinning mines, it shoots a torpedo at the red target and sinks the ship above.


Client: Lewis Galoob Toys


Alcotect 250 Breathalyzer | 2004

The Alcotect 350 alcohol breathalyzer design combines unique styling with functional improvements over current closed-flow breath alcohol detectors. A large, high-contrast readout makes test results legible. Color-coded, identifiable mouthpieces allow for sanitary sharing between multiple users.


Designer: David Shaw


Waterball Visualization| 2002

The Waterball Toy + Packaging Visualization project exemplifies how powerful3D renderings can play a role in the preliminary marketing of new product concepts. Compelling renderings of these unique water launching toys that shoot balls of water helped sell ideas before availability of physical products.


Client: Wild Planet Toys


QuickThought Keyboard Concept | 1998

The QuickThought Keyboard is a portable, folding, transparent, double-sided keyboard that attaches to mobile electronic devices. It is unique in that it allows the user to type on both sides  so input can happen while sitting at a desk, in a chair, or when standing. The keys are molded so that they have a tactile response when pushed either from the front or back sides. With a full-sized QWERTY layout, it is easy to master typing on the back side as you can see your fingers right through the transparent keyboard. Special hinges allow it to fold in several ways from bi-fold to tri-fold with or without a device attached. It also expands to accommodate devices in landscape mode. A reusable adhesive pad secures devices and Bluetooth allows the keyboard to work with a multitude of mobile devices. QuickThought sets a new paradigm in how and where keyboards are used.


Client: Paradigm Research Technologies


Parex RF Wireless / Wired Optical Mouse | 2003

The Parex RF Optical Mouse design allows users to enjoy the freedom of a radio frequency wireless mouse with the unique ability to continue to operate while it is recharging as a tethered, wired mouse. A single mini-USB cable either connects directly to the mouse itself or to the separate recharging cradle.


Client: Parex Electronics