Old News​ 1990 - 1999

Metaform Honored Among "Bay Area's Best" by IDSA + BusinessWeek

September 16, 1999


Metaform's David Shaw accepts the IDSA / BusinessWeek Magazine Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) and is honored among the "Bay Area's Best" by the Industrial Designers Society of America at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California, USA.

VCR Co-Pilot wins Business Week/IDSA IDEA Award

​June 7, 1999


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Metaform's David Shaw accepting 1999 IDEA Industrial Design Excellence Award presented by Kristina Goodrich and Betty Baugh of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)

Early '90s SJSU ID alums reunite at IDSA Bay Area's Best 1999: (Left to Right) Ildefonso "Boyett" Resuello (Ziba), Ricardo Mirabel (Young Concept), David Shaw (Metaform), Kyle Swen (Astro Studios), David Gonzalez (Sozo), Chris Frank (Sun Microsystems).

The VCR Co-Pilot is a product which makes programming video cassette recorders (VCR) quick and easy. Confusing on-screen menus and button arrays have made traditional VCR programming the quintessential poster-child of poor interface design. The VCR Co-Pilot, instead, uses graphical slide switches and analog dials. The familiar metaphor of a clock face makes it intuitive. Slide switches set the record day (like a linear week calendar) and AM/PM and dials set the start and stop times. An LCD screen shows the current time as well as all settings as they are being made and a review button lets users check the final settings. Infrared signals send programming codes to any VCR. Large dial numbers make the settings legible while the dials themselves accommodate various handling positions. A rectangular shape keeps the unit as small as possible while the contoured surface plateau accentuates the functional areas and makes the product appear thinner. The resulting dumbbell shape of the raised surface is evocative of an hourglass; further complementing the product's timer theme. Without user-friendly design, great inventions fall short of their potential. The VCR Co-Pilot project shows how thoughtful design truly can humanize technology. As a result, the once daunting task of programming VCRs is now effortless. According the client and licensee, nearly 1 million units of the VCR Co-Pilot have been sold worldwide.

Metaform earns prestigious IDEA Award from IDSA + BusinessWeek Magazine for the VCR Co-Pilot. The VCR Co-Pilot is the easiest, fastest way to record your favorite TV shows. 

Metaform Attends Star Wars Episode I Crew Screening with Toy Design Team

​May 15, 1999


Metaform's David Shaw attends the invitation only crew screening of Lucasfilm's Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace at the Coronet Theatre in San Francisco. A special treat and honor was to be seated next to legendary Academy Award winning conceptual designer and illustrator of the original Star Wars Trilogy films, Ralph McQuarrie and his lovely wife Joan. Truly inspirational and exciting to see all the hard work come to fruition for the Star Wars Team.


Metaform Client Galoob Secures Small-Scale Toy Rights for Star Wars

​October 14, 1997


Galoob Toys, Inc. has entered into an exclusive, worldwide license with Lucas Licensing Ltd. to make small-scale figures, vehicles, playsets and accessories for the next three Star Wars movies. As a key contract vendor and member of the Star Wars Toy Development Team, Metaform Product Development will be involved with the preliminary design and development of numerous products resulting form this agreement. Galoob has granted the Lucas companies warrants for slightly less than 20% of Galoob's issued and outstanding common stock, equal to approximately 3.6 million shares as of the closing date, at an exercise price of US$15 per share. The new Star Wars agreement also calls for advance payments against future royalties of US$140 million payable as the three new Star Wars Prequel films are released. 

David Shaw Teaches Visualization at SJSU

Spring 1997​


Metaform founder, David Shaw, returns to his alma mater San Jose State University to teach Industrial Design Visualization and fill the very big shoes of the legendary SJSU ID teacher, Dave Fleming.


David Shaw Shares Tips and Techniques with SFSU DAI Students

Fall 1995


Metaform's David Shaw shares product design visualization techniques as a featured guest speaker for students of San Francisco State University's (SFSU) Design and Industry Program (DAI).


Metaform Selected to Design Lucasfilm Star Wars Toys

August 1, 1995


Metaform forms Star Wars Toy Development team with Galoob Toys and Lucasfilm.


San Francisco Designer David Shaw Visits ID Students in Taiwan

May 5, 1995


David Shaw guest lectures at Fortune College of Technology in Kaohsiung, Taiwan ROC. Students were treated to presentations of real project case studies, sketch demonstrations, and a lively Q+A session. The day ended with a pep talk to encourage and inspire young aspiring industrial designers to pursue their dreams.



Metaform's David Shaw Guest Lectures at San Jose State University

March 2, 1995


As a way to give back to a beloved mentor, David Shaw has returned to SJSU throughout the mid to late 1990's to share "real-world" career experiences with industrial design students in Dave Fleming's Visualization and Presentation Methods classes. Dave Fleming has taught some of the top industrial designers in the profession in his 35 years at SJSU.



MicroCam Wins Modern Plastics Grand Prize

June 1, 1993


Polaroid MicroCam, an instant microscope camera, developed assisting renowned international designer Barry Wingate, wins the Grand Prize in Mcgraw-Hills' First Annual Modern Plastics Consumer Design Awards.


David Shaw's Gymtek Concept Honored by U.S. Olympic Committee

November 20, 1992


Gymtek Weight Adjusting Gymnastics Vaulting System devised and designed by David Shaw wins a US Olympic Committee Sports Equipment Design Award at the Quadrennial Sports Equipment Technology Symposium held at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.


David Shaw Design Project Featured in ID Magazine Collage

Fall 1991


The Electronic Printer Abacus designed by Metaform's David Shaw appears in an ID Magazine collage representing award-winning international designers including Ettore Sotsass, Dakota Jackson, Lunar Design, and Apple.


David Shaw's Electronic Abacus Concept Wins ID Magazine Award

July 1, 1991


Electronic Printer Abacus designed by David Shaw wins ID Magazine Annual Design Review Award for Concepts. Jurors Sheila Levrant De Bretteville of Yale University, Bill Lacy of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Pritzker Architecture Prize and Martin Smith of Art Center College of Design honored David with the International Designers' Choice Mark.


Guest Visit to Huafan University's School of Industrial Design in Taiwan

June 9, 1995


Metaform's David Shaw and SFSU Design and Industry Program instructor David Lin visit Huafan University's School of Industrial Design to exchange insights with students and faculty on the topics of design education and design industry best practices.  As visiting guests from San Francisco, David Shaw and David Lin were also honored with the task of handing out industrial design diploma's to the graduating class of industrial design students.


SJSU ID Student David Shaw Building Electronic Abacus Conceptual Prototype



Given the assignment by instructor Roger Stoller of San Jose Sate University's Industrial Design Foundations class to create an industrial design and build a model of a calculator, sophomore industrial design student David Shaw decides to build an electronic abacus that retains the ancient and still relevant interface of sliding beadsand combining modern electronic technology to record, print and tally.  David was inspired by races he'd heard of in Asia between children using the ancient Chinese Abacus and modern electronic calulators.  David decided to take a chance and deviate from the expected electronic box with buttons calculator every other student made and instead, draw from his own culture and pay homage to an invention that has truly stood the test of time.