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Metaform's LUMINNO™ GlowaSwitch™ Invention Wins 1st Place GOLD at 11th IDA International Design Awards!

May 22, 2018


LUMINNO™ GlowaSwitch™ Luminescent Light Switch Plates invented and developed in-house by Metaform Product Development earned 1st Prize GOLD at the 11th IDA International Design Awards in the Illumination-Hotel & Guest Room Lighting Products category. View the entry here.

In its 11th Annual Edition, the International Design Awards (IDA) received over 3,100 designs submitted by companies and designers from 95 countries. Cutting-edge designs and innovative products from around the world vied for the top prizes in this prestigious award, which, in recent years, has risen to become one of the leading design awards in America. Entries were submitted in 5 major design categories: Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, and Fashion Design. And after much anticipation the jury’s selection for this year’s prestigious “Design of the Year” awards have been announced in both the professional and student divisions. The stellar international Jury evaluated the entries based not only on the highest of current design standards and trends, but also seeking out truly visionary designers who would take the creative leap and lead the way into the future.

You can view all winners here, and the official press release here on the IDA Website.

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Metaform's LUMINNO™ GlowaSwitch™ Sold and Shipped by

February 9, 2017


LUMINNO™ GlowaSwitch™ Luminescent Light Switch Plates invented and developed in-house by Metaform Product Development is now available through premier online retailer!

Amazon ships LUMINNO branded products internationally at:

Metaform's LUMINNO™ GlowaSwitch™ Invention Funded on!

November 12, 2016


LUMINNO™ GlowaSwitch™ Luminescent Light Switch Plates invented and developed in-house by Metaform Product Development successfully on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter!  The campaign ended at 135% funded! GlowaSwitch is now available via LUMINNO's onine store at:

Kickstarter campaign page:

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Metaform's Patented LUMINNO™ GlowaSwitch™ Luminescent Light Switch Plate Invention Launches on!

October 4, 2016


LUMINNO™ GlowaSwitch™ Luminescent Light Switch Plates invented and developed in-house by Metaform Product Development has launched on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter! 

Kickstarter campaign page:

Metaform's LUMINNO™ GlowaSwitch™ Granted United States Utility Patent

July 8, 2014


Metaform's LUMINNO™ GlowaSwitch™ was granted a United States Utility Patent by the USPTO. Metaform is working towards commercializing the invention and launching a line of products based on the technology in the final quarter of 2016.

Industrial Designer and Inventor, David Shaw / Metaform Product Development

Metaform Startup Client Featured in Maria Shriver's Igniting Architects of Change

Novermber 27, 2013


Metaform client and entrepreneur Melissa Black, Founder and CEO of Honeycombers, is featured in Maria Shriver's Igniting Architects of Change. Melissa's amazing story of overcoming tragedy and starting a new business in "How I Did It: Melissa Black, Founder & CEO Honeycombers" is an inspiriing and worthwhile read.

Metaform Client TempSys acquired by Mesa Labs for US$9.5M

November 6, 2013


TempSys, Inc., maker of the CheckPoint G4 designed by Metaform Product Dvelopment has been acquired by Mesa Laboratories, Inc. for US$9.5 million dollars.


Metaform Startup Client Waldo Networks Collects US$1.6M Financing

November 26, 2012


Waldo Networks Inc. has received US$1.6 million dollars of a planned US$4.7 million dollars financing.  The Austin-based company collected the capital from seven investors, according to a  Monday filing with the  U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  Waldo Networks, founded in 2009, develops remote patient-monitoring systems called Waldo Health.


It’s among the portfolio companies listed by Texo Ventures, an  Austin-based investment firm that launched in 2010 with a hybrid angel investor and venture capital business model. Founders  Randall Crowder,  Jerry DeVries and Dr. Phil Sanger established the firm to generate revenue from portfolio company milestones instead of relying on the conventional management fee model used by most VC firms. 


Source: Austin Business Journal, November 26, 2012


Rest in Peace Ralph McQuarrie

​March 3, 2012​

Ralph McQuarrie, the renowned concept artist who helped define the look of George Lucas' Star Wars, passed away today at the age of 82.  It was an honor to have met this inspiring artist through a memorable association with Lewis Galoob Toys when Metaform was one of only a handful of design consultants developing Lucasfilm licensed toys for the Star Wars franchise.  A special memento from that time was an exclusive, beautifully embroidered Star Wars Toy Development Team jacket signed by Mr. McQuarrie of which only 33 were ever produced.  Rest in Peace R.M.  You were truly a visionary and an inspiration.

CheckPoint™ G4 Wireless Temperature and Vital Parameters Monitoring Solution Featuring a Versatile, Multi-Functional Enclosure Design by Metaform Product Development is Announced by TempSys
June 1, 2011

​TempSys, a leading provider of real-time wireless monitoring and tracking solutions introduced its new and improved fourth-generation (G4) CheckPoint™ wireless temperature and vital parameters monitoring solution featuring a robust and highly versatile enclosure design created by San Francisco's Metaform Product Development. 


The CheckPoint G4 was designed with leading-edge technologies to meet the unique needs of the regulatory-compliant healthcare market. The comprehensive product and sensor offering includes temperature (-200 °C to + 250 °C), humidity, CO2, Oxygen (O2), differential pressure, horizontal motion, 4-20 mA, binary (dry contact), and customized solutions.  One of the leading applications of CheckPoint's G4 wireless sensors is the monitoring and alerting of temperature changes in refrigerators used in the pharmaceutical, food, and bioscience industries/facilities where deviations can be critical and failures catastrophic.


One single well-considered enclosure was industrial designed and mechanical engineered by Metaform to account for a variety of end use scenarios, I/O configurations, and mounting options. Tamper proofing, drop survival, water resistance, minimizing parts, ease of deployment, as well as forecasting and accommodating possible future applications were challenges overcome by Metaform in the final solution.


Fetch™ Real-Time Location System RTLS Featuring Metaform Product Designs is Announced by TempSys
June 1, 2011

​TempSys, a leading provider of real-time wireless monitoring and tracking solutions introduces the Fetch™ Real-Time Location System (RTLS) featuring product designs created by San Francisco's Metaform Product Development. 


The Fetch RTLS System tracks assets and provides enterprise asset visibility.  It is used to manage and reduce inventory shrinkage, enhance facility and personnel safety, and optimize operational workflow in places like hospitals and warehouses. The system consists of the Fetch™ Hybrid RF and Ultrasound Locator which is mounted to walls or ceilings of a building and the Fetch™ Asset Tag which is attached to people and assets.  The tiny Asset Tag sends "chirps" to the Locator allowing the system to accurately track and pinpoint the location of the person or item it is attached to.


Metaform was enlisted early on during the product planning phase to help TempSys develop an entirely new product category in their company's offerings.  Metaform's involvement started with initial field research accompanying the client to interviews at customer/end user sites, reviewing competitor products and participating in numerous need finding and product definition brainstorm meetings.  Input from customers, engineering, and installation technicians was synthesized into a highly optimized final design solution.


Metaform worked closely with the client's R+D team through the iterative process of creating the industrial design, mechanical engineering and rapid prototypes for the Fetch System.  The collaboration resulted in several unique features and exclusive intellectual property such as the versatile, easy to install mounting bracket that also houses an ID Chip to provide automatic unit identification.  The meticulously considered solution satisfies a host of challenging, interrelated technical requirements and constraints ranging from the need for wall and ceiling mounting using either screw, zip tie, or clipping to acoustic ceiling rails, to ultrasound signal angles and coverage, minimizing radio interference, water resistance, ease of deployment, easy maintenance, cleaning, and durability. Full industrial design and mechanical engineering CAD documentation was provided to tooling vendors for manufacturing.

Waldo Health™ Wins the IBM SmartCamp Austin People’s Vote Award

May 17, 2011


Waldo Health, featuring an industrial design created by Metaform Product Development, is one of five Finalists in the IBM SmartCamp Austin competition and won the Peoples Vote Award.   Waldo Health has developed and launched a unique tablet-based patient monitoring service that delivers a smarter, more powerful solution for the important and growing field of home telehealth. Designed specifically for individuals with chronic disease, Waldo is the home health companion that connects patients to clinicians (doctors, nurses, caregivers). It is the optimum choice for Health Care providers looking to increase the quality of care to their patients, while also controlling costs. And, Waldo’s flexible architecture easily fits into a provider’s existing work flows and care goals.


The IBM SmartCamp Competition, sponsored by the IBM Global Entrepreneur group, is an exclusive event aimed at identifying early stage entrepreneurs who are developing business ventures that align with IBM's Smarter Planet vision. These mentoring and networking events put entrepreneurs in touch with investment firms, serial entrepreneurs, academics, marketing, communications, and technology experts that can help accelerate the solutions of startup companies to market.

Waldo Health™ Announces US FDA 510(k) Class II Clearance for Market! Solid, Robust, Innovative, and Customizable Fully-Featured Telehealth Solution Saves Lives and Improves Care Efficiency

April 26, 2011

Waldo Heath, featuring an industrial design by Metaform Product Development has received US FDA 510(k) Class II clearance for market.  The Waldo Health Patient Monitor device combines telehealth, telemedicine (video conferencing), medication reminders and patient education in a small, transportable touch screen format that is connected via WiFi, 3G/4G, or Ethernet to the Clinician Access web portal for reporting.  Waldo Networks will be exhibiting at the 16th Annual ATA American Telemedicine Association Conference held at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida from April 30 - May 2, 2011, booth #1125. 

BACtrack B70 Digital Alcohol Detector now at Brookstone

December 2010

The licensee of the BACtrack B70 designed by Metaform continues to expand its distribution.  The device is now carried by Brookstone in both its online and retail stores under Brookstone branded packaging.

Sun Ray 270 Demoed in the Field

October 28, 2010


Sun Ray 270s featuring an award-winning industrial design by San Francisco's Metaform Product Development and Oracle/Sun Microsystems' User Centered Design Group of Menlo Park, California have been deployed worldwide since launching in July of 2006.  One of the leading adopters of the device and its technology has been the healthcare industry where ease of set up, ease of use, along with iron clad security are paramount requirements.  The following end-user videos illustrate how physicians are benefitting from Oracle Sun Ray technology:

Metaform Start-up Client Waldo Networks Raises Nearly US$1 Million

June 24, 2010


In just a few short months, Metaform start-up client Waldo Networks raises most of its US$1 million dollar mixed securities offering.

For start-ups ventures, Metaform's industrial designs play a critical role in helping investors and potential customers see the vision of the start-up company's founders in a tangible form. A high impact, well executed product design helps entice venture capital, elicit valuable feedback, generate buzz, and even compels early adopters to pre-order the product.  It serves to validate a start-up and instantly makes them a legitimate contender in the market. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback in focus group tests of the Waldo Health Home Monitor design, Waldo Network's CEO said in a phone conference that hiring Metaform to create the industrial design was "money well spent."  Waldo is yet another example that investing in design pays dividends many times over and provides enormous ROI.

Waldo Health Debuts at ATA Show

May 16 - 18, 2010


The Waldo Home Health Monitor, a remote medical management platform featuring an industrial design created by San Francisco based Metaform Product Development for Waldo Networks, is unveiled at the 15th Annual American Telemedicine Association ATA 2010 Meeting and Exposition held in San Antonio, Texas, USA.  ATA is the largest international tradeshow focusing on telemedicine.